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I have just received my gorgeous spirit guide portrait from the wonderfully talented Debs. I am blown away by the accuracy of her interpretation of my healing spirit guide Sam the Tibetan monk. She has managed to capture him exactly as he appears to me, absolutely fantastic talent and gift. I can't wait to get him framed and hang him up for everyone to enjoy his energy.....thank you Debs 🕉️💜

Becky J

100% recommend Debs, so comforting and reassuring. I can't even remember most of the session because I was so blown back by what she was saying. Everything Debs said was so accurate, she completely warmed my heart.

Everyday I think about our session 💕 I can't even begin to describe how amazing she was. Please go to Debs if you would like a spiritual reading, you won't regret it ❤️‍🩹

Rebecca S

We had a family reading last night and Debs was amazing. So many of loved ones came through and described things that made us laugh and cry. She was so comforting and really explained everything so well. Even the sceptic in the group was convinced by the time the reading ended. We'd love to book more with Debs in the future.

Jane S

Debs drew my spirit guide portrait, it's simply amazing! I've seen this man in my meditation and I was so amazed when she had finished him.

Absolutely mesmerising!

Such detail, and so accurate.

100% recommend Debs for spirit art, readings & platform. 💜

Charlie J

Last night,not only was I lucky enough to share the evening with a dear friend and amazing medium the beautiful Debs Tye-Duck but I also received my gorgeous spirit guide portrait as Debs has recently started offering these.

Not only was I blown away by the beauty of this but I've been feeling this lady around in the last 6 months so big confirmations.

For anyone that would like a guide drawing done please do check out Deb's page and drop her a message. Having a portrait done can be a great way to create a deeper bond with your spirit guide or establish a link if you have yet to discover who yours is. We all have at least one, often more as we journey forward xx

Mitch G

Just had an amazing reading ! So accurate and had a lot of my spirit family come through and helpful things for me to look out for to help my journey going forward ! So warm & friendly too ! thank you !!

Sarah C

Debs is a very gifted medium and a great ambassador for spirit. I've had the pleasure of chairing services when she has been serving our church and she always works in such a loving energy and has given many lovely messages, some of which have been given to me !! 😊

Paul T

She's amazing, I will update as and when I know if it happens the way she said it would but I really do believe it will, I said before all she knew was my first name and that was it and she told me everything that was happening in my life right now to a tee 👌👌👌

Leanna M

Thank you Debs for a lovely reading last night. Warm and insightful as usual. Highly recommended.

Megan F

Thanks for taking time out for me Debs...XXX

Stuart H

Debs was warm and friendly making me feel instantly at ease. She was very kind answering my questions and giving me an inspiring reading. A very lovely lady.

Karel A

I had my first ever reading yesterday. Debs is an amazingly warm person who made me feel completely at ease from the minute I arrived. Now onto the actual reading, I was absolutely speechless at how accurate it was. I would highly recommend and will definitely be back. Thanks again Debs xx

Sonia B

A lovely lady, made me feel very relaxed & gave an amazing reading x

Joanne C

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