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My Aim

Myself with my two chihuahuas

My name is Debs Tye-Duck yes you have read that right! Better known as Debs.

I've always been aware of Spirit since I was a child, at times seeing Spirit and feeling them all around me. I spent most of my childhood being terrified but as I have found becoming an adult and being aware of Spirit, it is a loving experience when I started to understand the nature of "their calling" to me.

Currently I am travelling in our motorhome called Sunny with my husband Shaun, our two Chihuahuas, Frankie and Harper and our cat Kitty !

I am able to work online globally and as I frequently travel homebound I regularly do demonstrations,church services and charity events demonstrating my mediumship.

Being a medium for me is a compelling feeling, a wonderment full of the magic that goes with blending with my loving guides and your loved ones. My work is varied now because of the last two decades of working with my Spirit guides, they have drawn me to work in a way to reach out to all people.

Whether you are wanting a personal reading, Spirit guide portrait or you are wishing to develop yourself I am here to be of service.

That is the love of Spirit, to be of "Service to You", through my mediumship.

If you need a comforting word through a reading, encouragement in your development or just to make sense of the world unseen that you wish to have answered.

It is a privilege and an honour to be able to offer my services that will suit your needs on the What I Offer page.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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