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Spirit Guide Portraits

Spirit Guide Portraits

We all would love to know who our Spirit Guide is, drawn on A3 size quality paper using pastel pencils the Guide I’m about to draw becomes alive on the paper! I start off by arranging an online reading where I connect to your loved ones, and  this is where your Spirit Guide will make their presence known. It usually will take around half an hour, and once I have seen them I can then find out who they are and how they are helping you in your present life. 


I see your Guide Clairvoyantly and also they love to move on the paper when I am drawing them!  this for me is where the magic starts to unfold. Using my other senses I get given the information and who they are! It may surprise you that a new guide may present themselves, and that I am not in control of who will come forward for you. It generally takes me quite a few hours and even days to do each portrait because Spirit want me to put as much detail into your bespoke Spirit Guide portrait as I can.

Each portrait is personal to you and it will include a write up of your guide and what they want to communicate with you. If it does not make sense in the present moment, then know that with time it all will all be revealed to you.

I reserve the right to use the portrait for promotional purposes only.

Please private message me from the contact page so we can arrange an online reading. This can be a lovely gift for someone special.

Above are some examples of my work, you will receive a bespoke drawing of your individual Spirit Guide.

UK Only £99.95 inc P+P

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Europe £115.95 inc P+P

Rest of the World £125.95 inc P+P

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