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Private readings

To book a private reading, please message me through the contact page to make an appointment.

I can offer to do your reading through Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or Zoom.It is £45 for 45 minutes and you can pay through PayPal or bacs. If you can let me know what suits you best daytime or evening, I can then book your reading in for you.

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Family reading parties

Where you and your family members are wanting to connect with loved ones that are in Spirit from your own family, it becomes a reunion of love and memories. I offer Family parties where we can all meet through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Zoom. This is £60 for 1 hour doing a Demonstration. 

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Zoom reading parties 

Why not gather a few friends together and have a Reading Party. It is through Zoom and the Zoom app will need to be downloaded on everyone’s device. Its a time to relax and enjoy the messages from loved ones relaxing in your own home. It is £20 for 20 minutes and you can pay through PayPal or bacs. If you can let me know if daytime or evening is best I can then book your party in for you. When all payments have been made I create a video messenger for everyone to have a zoom invite.

It is always my pleasure to connect with your loved ones, to bring you their message of love and guidance. 

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Guidance Readings with Mediumship 

Allow this reading to provide clarity and guidance, helping you find understanding on both your spiritual and physical journey. Let the spirit lead you, illuminating your path and offering wisdom and insight.

It is 1 hour for £60.

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