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My Aim

Hi there!


My name is Debs Tye-Duck yes you have read that right! Better known as Debs.

I've come from a mediumistic family,My Mummy and Brother and myself have always had this special gift.

I've always been aware of spirit since I was a child, at times seeing spirit and feeling them all around me. I spent most of my childhood being terrified so when I went to sleep at night, I would leap frog into bed and sleep under my pillow!

Luckily as I've grown up, I have found that the spirit world is far less scary than I find the physical world now.

I live in Trowbridge with my husband Shaun, a naughty Chihuahua named Frankie,our cat Kitty! and our new addition Harper,our Chihuahua puppy. So home life is very normal if a little chaotic at times.

I was very spiritual in my 20's and after having a sitting with a well known local medium who said that the spirit world will always be with me and that If I come away the spirit world would be back! I then spent 12 years coming away and living a very earthy life. I have to honestly say that it was the lowest and loneliest time of my life. Thankfully my Mummy introduced me to a development circle, which kick started me back onto my path and I have never looked back!

Being a medium for me is a compelling feeling- I just have to pass on messages. It is so amazing how spirit work, that they even amaze me! I'm literally just the telephone line and spirit are the ones that work so hard in connecting the two worlds together. I'm so utterly grateful that I am able to bring comfort and happiness to people and their loved one in spirit. 


I'm here to help, anyone and everyone who is seeking a comforting word that can bring happiness and at times a few tears along the way. Spirit work in unique ways, but it's the message that is just as important, knowing that you're loved ones are around you guiding and loving you. It’s a privilege and a honour to be able to offer many services that will suit your needs.

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